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Free Tools

Prep your ProRes and H.264 files for insert edit

Editing and file delivery is all about managing exceptions. How many times have you thought to yourself or had your clients tell you, “That’s great except…”

You can help manage those moments by preparing your files for insert-edit (only applies to ProRes and H.264 files). If you’re interested in learning more about the technical details then check out this article

We have free tools for you to prepare your media for insert edit and so you’re spending your time creating instead of re-exporting.

Prores Pad & H.264 plugin

Download cineXplugin for your NLE. If you don’t ahve a license, you’ll be able to export an insert -able ProRes or H.264 file.

ProRes Pad Rewrap utility

Rewrap Utility for Mac

Rewrap Utility for PC

H.264 cineX Transcoder

H.264 cineX Transcoder

H.264 cineX Transcoder