Loved trying cineX Everything?

Get it for $995 with a participating reseller. Sign up by first selecting your country, then select the reseller. 

Grab a free one month trial of cineX Everything when you sign up with a participating reseller.

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Reseller for cineX promotion

What you get:

 A one year license  with a Total Value: $8,040

  • cineXtools: All Codecs (ProRes, AVC, XAVC, DNxHD/HR, XDCAM, JPEG2000, & H.264!)
  • Closed Captions editor, AS11 metadata editor, Remote Insert tool
  • cineXplugins: All Codecs
  • cineXmeta: All Wrapper support
  • Best of all, you keep the promo price forever.

What it replaces:

Here’s what you’d need to buy/have:

  • Supercharged PC, or Mac if you’re using ProRes
  • Quicktime Pro
  • Mac Captions
  • NLE Software
  • Dropbox, or similar file sharing
AND you will be saving a TON of time.

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