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Release: June 25, 2019, v. 1.9.80
cineXtools for PC
cineXtools for Mac

Release Notes for cineXtools June 25, 2019
~add: cut/concatenate insert for I-frame codecs to trim/extend tab. (XDCAM to follow, normal Insert and multi-insert tabs to follow)
~add: timecode shift on SCC Captions file import
~add: support for >4GB multichannel WAV files as insert source

~WAV-only insert fixed
~Some wrapper-specific UI issues with extend feature fixed
~Pace iLok compatibility fixed for some workstations with Avid products installed (users should update to iLok Manager 5.03 or greater.)
~>30fps timecode handling standardized to SMPTE frame rates (23.98>30fps) for restripe, rewrap tools.
~Fixed restripe of MXF SMPTE TC track
~Improved encoding efficiency of CEA 608
~Fixed insert to Resolve XDCAM op1A files from versions newer than >15.2

New Licenses Required for cineXtools 1.9.XX
If you’re a current cineXtools subscriber and would like to update to ver. 1.9.XX, you will need new licenses deposited to your account. Please contact us through the support page with your iLok ID so that new licenses can be deposited for you.
cineXplugins – Avid MC
Release: July 8, 2019 (for AMA only)
AVID Media Composer Plugin PC
AVID Media Composer Plugin Mac OS
Release Notes for Plugins May 30, 2019
– fixes XDCAM encoder initialization
– CC plugin for Avid lets you export 608 and 708 at the same time.
– Insert-Edit to VBR Padded ProRes files.
Release Notes for Plugins July 8, 2019
– Export while copying 608 to 708 captions for all supported codecs.

cineXplugins – Adobe Premiere
Release: May 15, 2019
ADOBE Premiere Plugin PC
ADOBE Premiere Plugin Mac OS
Release Notes for Plugins May 15, 2019
– Insert-Edit to VBR Padded ProRes files.