Interactive Login Access and Training Request

To enhance your understanding of the Cinedeck product line, Cinedeck offers self-directed, on-line-assisted and of course, full on-line and on-site training.

Self-directed training allows you to log into a live Cinedeck for a “learn by doing” experience. Your session can be completely independent or you can request assistance with oversight by a Cinedeck expert.

Our full training sessions cover everything from basic installation and setup, through various operational workflows and the background maintenance and system management you need to fully implement Cinedecks into your file-based production environment.

Whether you are; already an owner or interested in purchasing Cinedeck products, an operator who’d like to familiarize yourself with the Cinedeck UI, a sales or engineering representative at a integration company, this interactive platform can help you become better informed and more comfortable with Cinedeck operations.

Additionally, if you are an operator, you can set up and save your input and project preferences ahead of time. On the day of the show, load your preferences via USB key and you’re all set.

Self-Directed Login Request
For login access, you will be contacted with remote connection credentials.

Training Request Form
Use the "Training Request Form" to discuss full training for you and your staff.