VidCom Ltd


VidCom Ltd

VidCom Communications Ltd, headquartered in Vancouver, BC, Canada, is the leading systems integrator of high-end hardware and software for the Broadcast, Professional Video, House of Worship, Education and Entertainment Industries in Canada.

For over 30 years, VidCom has been leveraging its expertise in the broadcast, video, film, streaming and graphics industries to elevate our clients’ ability to deliver on their unique talents. Our quality of work has taken us international, in the past 6 years VidCom has been implementing solutions for International Customers Worldwide. We have implemented various solutions in the US, Far East & Indian Subcontinent. VidCom’s dedicated support and training has ensured our clients’ advantage in productivity and performance while VidCom’s Rentals and repairs have minimized their downtime. VidCom employs talented pool of system design engineers.

Engineers bring wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise in implementing end to end 3D, 4K, 2K, High-definition or Standard Definition workflows. As a result VidCom has evolved a leader in Professional Video systems design and integration. VidCom fosters a culture of flexibility and adaptability which enables us to navigate through the rapidly changing products and market conditions inherent in the high tech industry. With a mantra of honesty, integrity and respect, VidCom has developed trusting, long-term partnerships with both Clients and Manufacturers.

LOCATIONS: Burnaby (Metro Vancouver) | Edmonton | Calgary | Seattle (US)
CONTACT: Phone: +1.604.299.9711 | website: | Email: [xmail][/xmail]