AVBB – AudioVideo BrandBuilder Corp.


AVBB – AudioVideo BrandBuilder Corp.

OUR SKILLS, YOUR BRAND: Our people are all seasoned professionals with Engineering and Management backgrounds and with specific experience and skills within the professional video industry. We believe in knowing the products and the applications we sell as well as or better than the customer – This is the ONLY WAY to properly represent technical products in the market.  Such knowledge empowers us to better communicate with the customer and provide technical feedback back to your engineering groups for product improvements and/or for new product development.  We are NOT merely distributors – we become your own Sales & Marketing team – in the Americas once we are working together, WE ARE YOU and we behave as you define!

DISTRIBUTION CHANNEL: We have established relationships with over 125 dealers, system integrators, anddistributors in the US, Canada, and Latin America.  These are well-known and accredited companies with a large reach in the market.  Your brand will penetrate these markets without any resistance because of our distribution channel and your investment with us will reflect on your sales skyrocketing.


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