What SSDs does Cinedeck support?


What SSDs does Cinedeck support?

Cinedeck currently supports all models of Samsung Drives, specifically:

  • Samsung 840 Pro series (excellent price/capacity)
  • Samsung 850 Pro series (highest performance, longest warranty)
  • Samsung 840 OR 850 EVO (best price/capacity)

You may use other SSDs with your Cinedeck recorders. However, we may not be able to provide technical support should you have any issues due to non-approved SSDs.

The Cinedeck development team can absolutely confirm that not all SSDs are created equal. SSD specifications advertised by manufacturers can be very misleading.

Real-time video recording, especially multistream, is unlike any other use-case for SSDs.

In general, most SSD drives are not optimized for best performance in this specific case. Also, some drives have extremely high failure rates.

For instance, once Cinedeck had drives provided from a manufacturer for testing. They had a 100% failure rate within 6 months.

This does not mean they all completely stopped working. But, they could no longer reliably record video.

Don’t skimp on drives to save a few cents. It has a poor cost-benefit ratio. Especially, when you have to record an extremely costly production.

We also advise you to always make a backup recording even if it’s just to the in-camera recording card.