Setting up your unit for Remote Support


Setting up your unit for Remote Support

Cinedeck frequently uses remote log in to troubleshoot for customers.  Some remote log in programs that can be used are  and gotomypc.  However, our preferred remote log in is TeamViewer.

Installing Teamviewer and Attended remote support

  1. Make sure your unit is connected to the internet
  2. Follow this link for the TeamViewer download for Windows.
  3. Once you have downloaded Teamviewer and started the file, you will be provided with “Your ID” and a “Password”
  4. Please pass ID# and Password for your Teamviewer session to Cinedeck’s Support Team when asked.

Sometimes support is required after business hours.  If that is the case, Cinedeck will require unattended remote access.

Set up for Unattended remote support

  1. Install Teamviewer as above
  2. Click on the “Connection“ tab at the top of the TeamViewer window and select “Setup unattended access …“.
    • In the first step set a computer name and password for the remote computer.
    • In the second step you can add this remote computer to your partner list (refer to “TeamViewer – Use the Partner List“).
  3. Open your partner list and right-click on the computer name you would like to connect with (see step 2). Choose “remote control” as your preferred connection mode.

Full Guideline for Unattended Access Setup