Network Storage


Network Storage

Recording to a SAN or other network-based solution requires adequate infrastructure and staff with the IT knowledge and experience with each system to configure and maintain it properly. Your Cinedeck supports 1Gb networking and some Cinedecks can be configured with a Fibre Channel or 10Gb Ethernet host adapter for use with higher-speed networks.

SAN-based recording can be extremely efficient and cost-effective, especially for long-form multi-camera shows with tight editing deadlines, or in a facility where direct access to recorded media is required. Because the various Cinedeck platforms are Windows 7-based, generally very little setup is required on the Cinedeck side for operation with a SAN. The network environment and any SAN client software, needs to be installed and configured properly by an IT professional.

There are some important issues to keep in mind:
1) recording over a network can create a single point of failure
2) network topology and 3rd party software (SAN clients and managers) add additional levels of maintenance, support

The list grows constantly however, some NAS and SAN solution manufacturers whose products are known to be used with Cinedeck products include:

  • Avid ISIS
  • Drobo
  • Facilis TerraBlock
  • Harmonic Omneon Mediagrid
  • Quantum Storenext
  • SNS Storage Network Solutions

This information is also in the Cinedeck User Manuals