Creating a Restore Key


Creating a Restore Key
  1. Contact Cinedeck Support to obtain a download of the appropriate system image.
  2. Prepare the USB stick.
    • For systems running version 3 You will need a USB drive at least 8GB in size.
    • For systems running version 4 You will need a USB drive at least 16GB in size.
    • For systems running version 5 You will need a USB drive at least 32GB in size (confirm the required disk size with support).
    • Quick format the USB as FAT32.
    • Extract the contents of the zip file to the USB stick. There should be 5 folders and 3 files copied to the USB stick.
  3. On a system with Win 7 installed, open the command prompt.
    • Click the start button.
    • Type “cmd” in the “search programs and files” field
      • You should see cmd.exe show up under programs.
      • Right click and select “Run as Administrator.”
    • Type:
      • D: (or whatever the USB key drive letter is)
      • CD UTILS\WIN32
  4. Follow the instructions to make the USB bootable.
  5. Once the procedure is done, close the command prompt window and eject the USB stick.
  6. Restoring the system:
    • With the unit powered off, turn off the drive bays by turning the knobs left and make sure to disconnect any USB drives or external drives from the unit.
    • Insert the Cinedeck restore USB stick and a Keyboard only.
    • Power on the unit.
    • Tap on the “Delete” key continuously until you enter the BIOS setup screen.
    • Go to the Save and Exit tab.
    • Under “Boot Override” section, select the USB flash drive (*not the one with UEFI in front of it) and press enter.
    • The system will boot to the USB and begin the restore process.
    • Once the restore process is complete, it will display “Press enter to continue”. Press “Enter”. Type “0” and hit “Enter” to shutdown the system.
    • Remove the restore USB and power it on.

You may need to update the video card drivers depending on what version of the software you had been running previously.  If you’re not sure, please note in the Support Form, that you are unsure of whether you need to update the firmware or drivers and note the version of the SW you are currently running.