Cinedeck Log and Dump Files

Cinedeck Log and Dump Files

Frequently Cinedeck will ask you to provide logs or dump files to help us troubleshoot your system.

  • Log Files are found in: C:\cinedeck\logs
  • Dump Files are found in: C:\cinedeck\dump

Because the Cinedeck systems are constantly logging events, your unit may have many log files. They are well identified with date and time stamps so please assure you have selected the appropriate files.

Zip the files using any standard compression application such as  7zip or WinZip. If you are doing this from the Cinedeck system, simply select the required files, right click and select “Send to” > “Compressed (zipped) folder”.

When requesting support, please use the Support Request Form. You can also upload your zipped log files via the support form.