BVE | 02.28.17 ~ 03.02.17

Cinedeck Events

We’re joining Digital Garage at BVE 2017 to show the newest developments for cineXtools’ AS11-DPP workflow.

Delivering AS11 files just got a whole lot easier.

CineXinsert combines the patent-pending ability to overwrite fixes to video and audio with Cinedeck’s File-based Insert Edit® and the UK DPP AS-11 Metadata Editor, which instantly adjusts, validates and updates the DPP metadata that accompanies AVC-Intra 100 master files.

Making fixes and changes to your AS11 deliverable file is fast and intuitive. There’s no down time of importing your file to start editing or tediously waiting around for a file rewrap after a metadata change. With cineXinsert, you make your change, save the file and you’re done.

WHEN: February 28 ~ March 3rd, 2017
WHERE: Excel London
BOOTH: Digital Garage, Stand S36
APPT: Contact Us | (0)1295 702280

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