Quick start your cineXtools trial

We’ve partnered with cineXtools expert, Mike Nuget, to create a series of short video tutorials to help you get a jumpstart on cineXtools. Whether you’re just starting or want insight on how another editing professional uses cineXtools, check out the videos below.

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Single Insert Edit (3:42)

Mike shows how you can use cineXtools to quickly change a slate, or any other change, in an MXF file 

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Multiclip Insert (4:19)

This is Mike’s self-professed favorite tool. He shows us how he speeds through multiple color corrections using Davinci Resolve’s Multi Clip Export tool and cineXtools’ Multi Clip Insert tab.

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Creating Insert Media (4:49)

If you’re scratching your head trying to figure out how to create a ProRes master on a PC, Mike’s super simple tutorial shows you how you can create a ProRes file with cineXtools. 

About Mike Nuget:

Mike Nuget is a freelance colorist and finishing editor based in New York. He’s  had a nearly 20-year post production career working at some of the most prestigious post facilities before striking out on his own a few years ago. His scope of work include projects for HBO, Netflix, ABC and more with expertise in color grading, editorial finishing, and visual effects.