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Cinedeck’s CineX API Streamlines Mastering Pipeline at ENVY Post

One of the first installations of the Cinedeck CineX API is at ENVY Post Production in London, integrated with their Reach Engine media asset management system from Levels Beyond. ENVY produces thousands of masters per year, which means speed is critical both for their clients and for their internl workflow. Head of Operations Jai Cave said that although studios and facilities have moved from linear to file-based productions, the productions themselves still work in almostthe same way – changes are still requested up until the last minute.  read more…

– Digital Media World

Reaching Post-Production Users with Free Software

The final unexpected gift from the video gods I found at the NAB Show was truly unexpected. Not just unexpected that it’s free. Unexpected that it works at all. read more…

– Jay Ankeney, TV Technology

12/15/18 Note: cineXtools basic is no longer available.

CineDeck’s CineXinsert Supports XDCAM

Everyone knows that once you have rendered a master file, if you want to make even the simplest change you have to burn valuable time re-rendering the whole thing afterwards to QC it.

Everyone, that is, except for CineDeckread more…

Loren Blake, Broadcast Bridge

cineXinsert Tunes Up File-Based Post in Hollywood

Chainsaw’s chief engineer Jeff Sengpiehl remarked on this workflow, saying, “Our former process for creating a file deliverable was to use tape as a mezzanine format. We would layoff to tape from the editor in real-time, then encode the tape to a file. “For a program fix, we would punch changes to the tape, then re-encode the tape to a file. When you factor in QC, it could take several hours of work for a 1-hour TV show,” he said. read more

– Digital Media World

CineXinsert Now Supports XDCAM for PC and Mac

Back in April of 2016 at NAB Show, Cinedeck announced the software-based, stand-alone, file-to-file insert edit application called CineXinsert. This is a very simple tool, but is incredibly powerful and something editors will think of as a lifesaver. I can’t count the number of times something like this would have been useful for me. read more

– Danny F. Santos (doddleNEWS)

cineXinsert Can Save Your Delivery With One Simple Tool

cineXinsert does only one thing: inserts footage into an already completed Quicktime file. But if you need to do that, there’s no faster way.

If you are working on a long project on a tight deadline, clicking “File-Export” is always a bit nerve-wracking, no matter how many times you’ve watched through your timeline. Depending on your source material, you could potentially be looking at several hours to render out your final project, which will have to be entirely re-done if there is an error. Maybe the error is the computer’s, maybe it’s yours, but you’ll have to redo the whole export to fix it either way. read more…

– Charles Haine (No Film School

While some apps can expand their reach with more features, there’s some that have one job, and they do it well because it’s what they were written for. Cinedeck’s cineXinsert is one of these.Doddle News
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Cinedeck is one of those small companies that is tightly focused on one thing but can be an absolute life-saver if it is that same one thing that has gone wrong in your project. As it explains, its cineXinsert has been designed to help in those moment when a problem is discovered in a file and it is therefore necessary to go back and repeat the entire export and QC process, with all the time and resource penalties and general vexation that entails.RedShark News
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One of the more impressive tools from NAB 2016 was cineXinsert from Cinedeck and it is now available. Just imagine fixing a messed up piece of a QuickTime file without having to re-export the entire thing from your NLE.Pro Video Coalition
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Cinedeck is updating its new CineXinsert insert editing finishing software, unveiled at NAB this year as a standalone frame-accurate application for Mac OS X, with several requested new features in time for IBC. These include AS-11 support and an audio versioning tool that lets you insert and reorganize WAV files without re-exporting them from your NLE.Studio Daily
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One of the advantages of NLEs is how quickly you can mix files and create a final work. One of the problems is when you find a mistake in the final copy and need to correct it, re-export the whole file and do some QC. One program may be your best bet then: cineXinsert from Cinedeck!Pro Video Coalition | 08.24.16
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Yesterday was the first day on the NAB 2016 show floor but I don’t know how I’ll find a cooler product than this so let’s just declare it the winner of Best Post-Production Product: cineXinsert from Cinedeck. read more…- Pro Video Coalition
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Press Release

New York, NY, April 7, 2017 – Cinedeck, developer of cineXtools and the cineXinsert engine, announced that cineXtools BASIC, a free version of their standalone insert-edit application will be releasing for NAB 2017. CineXtools is the world’s only true cross-codec, cross-wrapper insert editor for files allowing content producers to fix files instead of completely re-creating them.

“It’s always been part of our plan to introduce a free version of cineXtools. Being able to make edits to flat files is an extraordinary time saver with immediate measurable benefits for post-production workflows. File-based Insert Edit is a radical new workflow that everyone should be able to use, and now they can,” says Charles Dautremont, Cinedeck CEO. (read more)