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Infographic | Just how much can you really save?

In a survey of online editors, Cinedeck found that:

Episodic, original content continues to drive growth in the media industry.
The trend for high quality original content means that post-production facilities have more work than ever. cineXtools from Cinedeck can enable a workflow with a more efficient process that saves time and money.

To see how cineXtools can improve productivity while saving time and money, we’ve compared traditional export/re-QC processes to using Cinedeck’s Insert-Edit and QC Spot-Check workflows for the same job.

To put a dollar amount on the costs involved, here are the average hourly rates for online editors in various cities:

Over the course of delivering a season’s worth of 4K episodes for a single show, insert edit could save you  THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS

Using an insert-edit workflow vs. a traditional file delivery workflow, thousands of dollars in man-hours per season can be saved.

Cinedeck is redefining post workflows by empowering editors with the tools they need to speed through deliverables, representing considerable savings in time and money while changing the video industry to meet modern demand.