H.264 Insert Edit

A beta version of H.264 insert edit is now available to try.

H.264 insert edit support is a long time coming from Cinedeck and we’re proud to finally offer the first release of this new feature. 

Why a beta program?

We decided it was important to run this feature through a beta period because it’s the most widely used format in the world, with over 60 billion hardware devices that support playback. We need to get insert editing to this format right and that means we’ll need feedback from you, our users, to make H.264 insert edit as robust as the other codecs we support. 

About the Initial Release:

There are limitations to this first release of H.264 support. Please make sure to review the QuickStart and Knowledge Base articles. Also, please send feedback with the link below.

cineXplugins support for H.264 is planned for a later release in a few weeks.