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cineXplugins: Major Advantages, Minor Expense

Every video editor knows the frustration that comes from finding a small error or improvement after exporting a project. Making changes to files that have already been exported is costly, and unfortunately, such changes are rarely one-offs. This means the process will have to be repeated multiple times, wasting even more time and resources. Why can’t making changes to video be as simple as making changes to a word processing document or spreadsheet? Well, if you use cineXplugins, they can be.

File-based Insert Editing Make Working with Video Easier

Post-production can be a tedious and time-consuming process. But if you notice a small error in a file that’s already been exported and run through quality control, it can be even more frustrating. Even a minor correction to replace a VFX sequence, fix an audio pop on an audio track, or replace a slate for a spelling issue still requires the entire file to be exporting and QCed again–often more than once–costing time, effort, and resources. That is why Cinedeck created insert-edit software featuring cineXtools, allowing simple file-to-file insert-editing. Since its release in 2016, the efficiency of cineXtools has saved clients such as Sky TV, BBC, Showtime, and Cartoon Network hundreds of man-hours in post-production time. And now the addition of Cinedeck’s new cineX-Plugins for Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premiere brings the robust functionality of insert editing to non-linear editing (NLE).

The Advantages of cineX-Plugins

cineX-Plugins take the video editing tools you already know and love and adds powerful new functions. With cineX-Plugins, you can insert and edit video, audio, and captions from Avid Media Composer or Adobe Premiere directly to an already-exported file using the NLE’s export function. In fact, insert-edits can be performed on files exported from anywhere, creating unprecedented interoperability between NLEs, even while using compressed codecs like ProRes, XAVC, AVC, XDCAM/IMX, and DNxHD/HR. That’s because cineX-Plugins operate independently of codec and wrapper restrictions. Now the final technical edit before delivery can accommodate all required changes with a simple insert-edit instead of a complete render and re-export.

The Power of cineX-Plugins Fits in Your Budget

Best of all, cineX-Plugins is available for $39 with no monthly contract. CineX-Plugins can be installed on multiple computers, whether Mac or PC, and each active installation will require a unique license. The plugins are priced per codec, so you only pay for the codecs that you’ll be using.

Post-production workflows are complex and often constrained by long-held beliefs. Cinedeck developed file-based insert edit to redefine post workflows, enabling editors to make changes to video files instantly. And now the convenience of cineX-Plugins enable you to speed through your deliverables for one low price.

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