Check out the full cineX demo video that discusses what insert edit is along with demos of cineXtools, cineXplugins and a discussion of cineX-API.

The video is about 20min long. However, feel free to skip ahead to any of the topics that most interest you:

  • 02:30: Video Insert Edit demo
  • 04:00: Supported Codecs, Wrappers, and Resolutions
  • 04:30: cineXplugins demo in Avid MC
  • 07:50: AS11 metadata edits
  • 09:10: MOV metadata editor
  • 10:45: CC Editor
  • 13:35: Audio Versioning
  • 15:15: Trim Extend and Ripple
  • 17:10: cineX API and real-life use case scenario
  • 18:45: Cinedeck HW as deck replacement – SDI to file

Check out the Quick Start Videos here.

Quick Start