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cineX API | The Next Evolution of Insert-Edit Capabilities

That’s exactly what’s happening when new files are created for small changes or mistakes!

Cinedeck revolutionized the post-production world with cineXtools and its insert-edit capabilities, reducing inefficiencies for file creation and QC. cineXtools enables editors to insert-edit changes, eliminating the need to re-export and QC projects.

The latest evolution of cineXtools comes in a RESTful API, the industry standard for interoperability. 

Automate Deliverable Workflows

A key advantage of cineX API presents itself when it’s time for distribution. Users can insert and replace a promo slate to hundreds of files at a time and create multiple audio versions for international deliverables at the click of a button. Ultimately, cineX API allows workflow customization as the industry has never seen before.

Replacing a slate should be easy. It’s only a few seconds at the beginning of the file. But with your current tools, you’ll need to bring the whole episode back to an edit room for an editor to replace the slate, render and export the entire program and then finally QC the new asset before delivery.

Encoding and Transcoding Master Files to generate Delivery Versions is time consuming and creates new assets that need extensive QC. Stop redoing the hundreds of hours already spent creating perfect master files!

cineX-API efficiently creates Delivery Versions, ensuring data integrity and QC validity of your original Master Files while reducing the costs associated with QC.

Seamlessly Integrate cineX-API with Asset Management

Jai Cave discusses cineX API

There is no use in improving one part of the workflow if it is at the expense of the workflow as a whole. 

Envy Post, one of London’s largest post-production facilities, is responsible for the production of thousands of masters per year. With this volume of work, it would have been impossible to introduce a new tool unless it integrated into their current workflow, particularly their media asset management system. cineX-API improved their workflow efficiency at life cycle management of thousands of master files.

Improve Efficiencies Seamlessly

The versatility that stems from adding cineX API to the post-production workflow eliminates the need for transcoding. While transcoding may have limited the efficiency of your automation workflow, cineX API allows you to insert new video, audio, or closed captions without altering the integrity of the original file. So, once the change is made, editors immediately have an updated deliverable ready for QC. Time is saved there too, since only the new insert requires QC.

cineX API gives you the power to improve efficiencies within your workflow without having to change it completely. After all, nobody gets a new car just because it has a flat tire. While changing the slate for 200 episodes for overseas syndication or creating 12 audio versions of a project to be aired the same day worldwide may have appeared to be daunting tasks in the past, cineX API makes them quick and simple, cutting down the QC time to just a fraction of what it was.