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Last Mile File Delivery Event Videos

Thank you to everyone that attended our event last month. If you weren’t able to attend, we have a some great videos that recap the presentations, discussion panel and interviews.


Panelists Robert Rodriguez, Noah Chamow, Charles Daturemont and Alex Parnell discuss how cineXtools and insert-edit have changed the way they deliver files.

John Harris, Cinedeck’s Director of Sales and Marketing leads the discussion.


Noah Chamow, Assistant Editor at Level 3 Deluxe presents how Cinedeck ZX recorders help him deliver multiple file types in one pass and discusses how File-based Insert Edit helps his group meet difficult deadlines.

More about Deluxe here


Robert Rodriguez, Director of Technical Operations & Editorial Services, shares where cineXtools is being used at his facility and talks about how it helps his clients.

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Cinedeck CTO, Charles Dautremont tells us why file-based insert-edit was created.

If you’d like to hear more about how insert-edit came to be check out our latest 3-part podcast with Charles Podcasts here


Noah Chamow, Assistant Editor for Level3 Deluxe tells us about his experience with cineXtools.

Noah also leads an amazing AE training program called Assistant Editors’ Bootcamp. Find out more here.