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4K Online & Finishing with cineXtools

Delivering and finishing UHD|4K shows can be challenging. They can require 4x the bandwidth, 4x the amount of storage, 4x the rendering time and 4x the export time, as compared to HD. Not to mention potentially requiring more hardware and more labor that makes delivering high resolution shows costlier and less profitable. But 4K is the new reality; and whether we like it or not, it’s an expected resolution for delivery.

cineXinsert provides a path for making 4K/UHD deliverables easy for DNxHR and Pro Res deliverables. Here’s a sample workflow:


The result is that you would only export your 4K file once and use cineXinsert to punch fixes or changes to your file. And, you can insert audio or video in your file as many times as want with no file degradation.

cineXinsert is a resolution independent companion application for NLEs to be used in the post finishing process. Perhaps one of the best features about cineXtools is that your source (content that you’re inserting) can be a DNxHR and your target (the file you’re inserting to) can be Pro Res. That is, the source and content codec don’t need to match because cineXtools will decode the source file and re-encode to match the target file. If you’re an Avid editor, this means that you can take advantage of Media Composer’s efficiency in exporting a native codec like DNxHR to make picture fixes to your 4K ProRes deliverable.

Here’s another good example for where cineXinsert is useful. Imagine you have a 4K deliverable with multiple slates. In an export workflow, you would create a new file by exporting for every single slate change and QC every single file. With cineXtools, you’d only export your file once, create copies of your QC’d master file and drop in the new slate. Again, for HD deliverables, you might be ok with exporting every single time. However, when you have to export a 4K or UHD deliverable multiple times just to make a slate change, the process can feel punishing.

What if you had a deliverable with multiple audio versions? Typically, you’d export a new file for every audio version, then QC every one of those files. With cineXtool’s audio versioning tool, you would change the audio layout and “save as” a new file. The “save as” is a rewrap so no audio or video is re-encoded and will run as fast as it takes your hardware to copy a file.

These are just a few ways that cineXtools can help your 4K/UHD post workflow remain efficient and cost effective.