cinedeck EX - OPTIONS


Cinedeck EX has several options available to let you configure your system for your production requirements.

Cinedeck Hi-Brite Option Display

The Hi-Brite option display is 1000 NITS brightness (vs 250 NITS on the standard Cinedeck EX configuration). It is ideal for use in direct sunlight settings. It offers the same easy to use touchscreen interface that Cinedeck is famous for.


The Master Clock hardware timecode module enables a Cinedeck EX to jam sync timecode from an external master clock. This functionality ensures that there is a consistent timecode stamp across multiple Cinedecks or other timecode-based devices. Additionally, a "master Cinedeck" equipped with the Master Clock module can serve as a master clock source for other Master Clock equipped Cinedecks or any device capable of reading LTC time code.

Cinedeck SI-2K Option

The SI-2K Option enables support for the Silicon Imaging SI-2K Mini camera, which offers SI-2K 12- bit RAW 2K or HD Uncompressed and CineForm recording, 3D-LUT color processing with dual SDI monitoring on Cinedeck EX. Now, everyone on-set can easily see the SI-2K camera footage, with the directors intended look, directly from the recorder or remotely via Wireless HD-SDI Monitoring equipment.

Cinedeck Stereo 3D Option

The Cinedeck Stereo3D Option adds dual camera monitoring, capture, and playback with full HD-SDI or HDMI monitoring. The single HDMI input on Cinedeck EXTREME supports the v1.4a spec which means it can capture either side by side or interleaved from sources (such as the AJA 5M muxer) or from single 3D cameras with dual lenses (such as the Panasonic 3DA1). The files that are captured in this manner are identical to those files captured via the dual HD-SDI feeds. It is built on CineForm's award-winning Neo 3D and First Light stereoscopic production technology.

The Stereo Option provides left eye/right eye full screen toggle or 50/50, over/under, and side-by-side image display. The full complement of Cinedeck image analysis tools can be applied to each camera signal.